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We are more than a faith based class for anger management. 
We deal with several of life’s core issues.  People have been touched by the curriculum and many lives have changed……

“I’ve benefited so much through the process Life Skills uses. I more than recommend, I strongly encourage anyone who wants to improve their life to sign up and start.”

“I didn’t get to this place overnight and I won’t find healing overnight either.  The cost of time and money is so worth it!  It is life changing! Individual counseling helped a lot, but this program gave me a 'big picture' perspective!

“I realize areas in my life where I need to grow and mature.  Life Skills reveals the difference between healthy and normal vs. arrested development and abusive.”

“My relationship with my husband was on the verge of divorce when I first started.  But now we have been able to talk things out without blowing up at each other.  We take time for each other and cherish the time we have to just talk.”

“I recommend Life Skills because I feel if anyone has any problems in their relationships, this class will help to improve their relationships as well as themselves.”

“The educational part of this program is astronomical!”

“Why didn’t I get this stuff when I was young, before I spent so many years in an unhappy marriage?  I love my wife so much and we are connecting like never before.  I didn’t even think it was possible because I was never given the tools before.  Life Skills works because I worked at it too!”